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Some data of the sender are required by the Cryptshare for Outlook Add-In to provide them to the recipient as part of the notification message so the recipient can identify and contact the sender in case of any questions. These data are the sender's first name, last name and phone number. These settings have to be made locally by the user or distributed to the workstations which are running Cryptshare for Outlook. Cryptshare for Outlook offers two approaches to manage personal data:

  1. Through the user interface (settings dialog, Tab "Personal Data")
  2. Using the XML file (Configuration File CS4OutlookUserConfig.xml)
  3. By distributing of the settings during roll out via msiexec.

Priority of Settings

In principle all settings regarding personal information can have either of two statuses:

Restriction Level Effect
Editable The user can see and edit the settings in his user interface.
Read-only The user can see the settings and their values but can't change them.

The policies whether the settings are editable by the user or not can be set up through the Configuration File CS4OutlookUserConfig.xml or during the MSI installation.